TVP Solar SA is a Swiss company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels based on a proprietary technology for cooling and heating applications.

TVP Solar is a game-changer in the solar thermal industry, effectively competing with fuel and in some cases electricity for large-scale, energy-demanding applications, such as air conditioning, process heat, desalination. TVP also drives several process heat and steam for oil industry-specific applications in extraction, refining and transportation.

Role and main activities in SHIP2FAIR

As a collector provider and engineering,

TVP Solar is the leader of WP6, thus coordinating the engineering, installation and commissioning activities on the demo-sites. In addition, they will supply of the solar plant components, from the high vacuum flat panels to BoS –piping and fittings, monitoring and solar control system, storage and heat exchanges, etc.and main activities in SHIP2FAIR