RAR Açúcar is a company dedicated to the refining and selling of sugar. It was established in Oporto in 1962 following the merger of nine small sugar refinery units from the northern region of Portugal. In 1973 it became a national reference operator after the purchase of another large refinery unit.

The concentration of activities into one single production unit, together with ongoing investments in technology, has allowed the company to increase its production capacity and efficiency.

The constant focus on the quality and food safety of its products and the efficiency of its environmental performance is certified by Quality, Food and Environmental Safety Management Systems. Furthermore, it was the first Iberian company in its activity sector to obtain “International Food Standard” certification (IFS).

With a production capacity of 160,000 tons/year, RAR Açúcar sells several types of sugar, produced from raw cane sugar, for different uses and market segments, namely industry and distribution.

Role and main activities in SHIP2FAIR

RAR will be one of the demo-sites of the SHIP2FAIR project, including a SHIP system in its sugar processing plant in Porto for producing steam for the evaporation and crystallization steps.