Demo 1 – Martini

Process: Distillation bottle warming and sanification ( steam production at 3 bar and 135°C)

Site: Pessione/Torino

Country: Italy

Longitude: E 7° 50 ‘ 16 ”

Latitude: N 44° 58 ‘ 5 ”

DNI: 1319 kWh/m2

Space opportunities:  the site has availability of 1,000 m2 of rooftop

Description of the energy scenario

Heat demand: The thermal demand is quite constant during the whole year, while the variation of fuel consumption is caused by weather conditions.

The process works fully operative 16 hours per day during the working days and it is at base load (mostly for anti-icing purpose particularly in winter) during Saturdays and Sundays.

Description of the industrial process and current control

The M&R demo site is an industrial facility where all the products of company are produced: Martini, Sparkling Wines and Liquors and starting from 31st of January 2017 also Bacardi Rum. The plant owns the entire process from must and wine acceptance to the finished goods deliveries to the markets.

More in detail, the processes identified as suitable for the use of heat produced through solar thermal technologies are distillation, bottles warming, sanification and space heating of production departments.

Currently, heat is produced in form of steam at 7 bar and 140°C, which is subsequently used either directly or sent to heat exchangers for the production of hot water at 55°C. Out of the distillation and bottling processes heat demand, 81% is for 1-bottling process, 7% for 2-bottling process and 12% for distillation. For the production of steam, natural gas is used as fuel.

Control:The CHP is old and it has a proprietary system for monitoring and control. The boilers have all Siemens PLC, as well as WinCC as SCADA system. At process level, there are regulations loops on temperature and pressure.

Ship project to be implemented

  • Ultrahigh Vacuum FPC -direct steam generation system

  • Heat Transfer Fluid: Saturated Steam

  • Net Aperture Area: 584 m2

  • Gross Area: 596 m2

  • Peak power: 327 kW

  • Gross heat production per year: 349 MWhth

  • Yearly global efficiency: 44%

  • CO2 savings: 85 tCO2

  • Heating cost: 3,75 c€/kWh

  • Expected payback: 10-11 years

  • Solar fraction: 5% average, 33.5% in August


Indirect Steam Generator

Indirect Steam Generator

Solar field

Solar field