Martini & Rossi is the Italian company of the Bacardi Group. It is located in Pessione of Chieri (TO) since 1863. Pessione plant is the historical site where all our products in all the receipts are produced: Martini, Sparkling Wines and Liquors and starting from 31st of January 2017 also Bacardi Rum.

The plant owns the entire process from must and wine acceptance to the finished goods deliveries to the markets. The site host also a R&D Dept. dedicated to wine based products.

With the start of the Rum production Pessione became the largest Operation Centre (the definition of a Bacardi production Hub) for the Bacardi Group.

Regarding sustainability, the plant realized important investments to reduce footprint impact saving both electrical and thermal energies. A continuous improvement approach is constantly requested to the site from the Group and this bring us to explore uses of renewable energies on site.

Energy saving programs enable the plant to have lower energy costs keeping it competitive versus the other production sites of the Group.

Role and main activities in SHIP2FAIR

Martini & Rossi’s plant in Pessione will be one of the project demo-sites, in which solar heat will provide steam at 3 bar for the bottling and distillation operations. In addition, M&R will be the leader of WP7 -regarding the demonstration of the project-, due to its belonging to a large and international group as Barcardi Group, thus enhancing the opportunities of replicability.