In south-western France, in the heart of duck country, our workshop JEAN LARNAUDIE has been carrying on the tradition of Foie Gras production for over 60 years. Their recipes are developed by men and women with a profound attachment to these lands, eager to preserve the authentic local flavour of this most iconic of festive dishes.

Thanks to their affiliate, CANARDS d’AUZAN, LAURNADIE has developped a 100% south-western affiliate network made up of over 160 breeders / feeders. They are now specialized in manufacturing fresh products like foies gras, duck breasts, duck livers, legs to cook.

Finally, LAURNADIE also own a factory in Castelnaudary which is specialised in the production of ready meals and fresh sausages. Most of our products are prepared using VPF certified French pork.

Role and main activities in SHIP2FAIR

CANARDS D’AUZAN will be one of the demo-sites of SHIP2FAIR project, on which the solar heat solution will be used for preheating of the boiler feedwater.