Impacts & Results

The reduction of fossil fuel use

will bring towards a strong CO2 reduction which will facilitate the achievement of emission reduction targets for industries agreed in the commitment of Paris to reduce emissions by at least 40 % in 2030 compared to 1990.

Specific feasibility studies carried out in at least 10 agro-food companies

using the SHIP2FAIR Replication Tool, dissemination activities including “Open-Demo” visits enabled by the establishment of particular showcases, and training activities for both professionals and students, thanks to the presence of strategic partners such as EUREC, EDF and Spanish Co-ops.

Ultra-High Vacuum Thin Plate Collector:

TVP breakthrough high‐vacuum related technologies have evolved solar thermal away from supplying 45°C to previously inaccessible 235ºC without concentrating mirrors. TVP technologies have bred a new class of super‐performing products and associated, low capital‐intensive, modular, fully automated manufacturing.

Fresnel CSP Collector:

The Industrial Solar LF-11 linear Fresnel collector has been especially designed for industrial applications. It is big enough to meet the power demand of industry, and yet small enough to be installed on flat rooftops. It can be operated with thermal oil, pressurized water as HTF or in direct steam generation mode. In can generate temperatures up to 400°C in the single-digit and lower double-digit MW range.

SHIP2FAIR Replication Tool:

The SHIP2FAIR Replication Tool will give the opportunity to end-users to have a simple overview of the techno-economic feasibility of a potential SHIP installation. In addition, engineering companies will be benefited from a reduced internal cost for developing such studies.

SHIP2FAIR Control Tool:

The SHIP2FAIR Control Tool aims to optimize the management of process heating systems through a live monitoring oriented approach able to evaluate performance also in order to better predict maintenance interventions and maximize solar power production also considering weather forecast.

SHIP2FAIR Layouts and Design coming from the Demo-sites:

The SHIP2FAIR layout represents easy-to-be-integrated solutions for reducing gas consumption in heating processes in agro-food and similar industrial processes.