Related projects

RE4Industry project aims at determining the most suitable and economically- and technologically-feasible renewable solutions for energy-intensive industries.

HyCool: Industrial Cooling through Hybrid system based on solar heat, is a project co-funded by the European Union.

The INSHIP project (Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) aims at the definition of an ECRIA (European Common Research and Innovation Agenda) that engages major European research institutes with recognized activities on Solar Heat for Industrial Purposes (SHIP), into an integrated structure. It also advances the state of R&D on low, medium and high temperature application for solar heat in industry.

Water Saving for Concentrated Solar Power. It aims to develop a revolutionary innovation in water management of Concentrating Solar Power plants.

Minimized water consumption in CSP plants. MinWaterCSP aims to develop advanced cooling and mirror cleaning technologies as well as integrated water management plans to reduce cooling system water consumption.

Renewable PowEr Generation by Solar PArticle Receiver Driven SUlphur Storage Cycle. Investigates a novel power cycle for renewable electricity production combining a solar centrifugal particle receiver with a sulphur storage system for baseload operation.

Modular High Concentration. It aims to design, manufacture and validate an innovative CSP concept with low implementation costs at the highest plant efficiencies which will reduce the levelized cost of electricity.

Competitive SolAr Power Towers. The main goal is to significantly reduce costs of concentrated solar power (CSP), in order to pave the way for its deserved competitiveness on the power market.

High Temperature concentrated solar thermal power plant with particle receiver and direct thermal storage. One objective: improving the reliability and performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants.

High temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrials Production of Reactive Particulates. The main objective is to develop, at a pilot scale, a high temperature (800-1000°C) 24h/day solar process suitable.

Smart renewable hubs for flexible generation – solar grid stability. Gridsol aims to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by combining primary renewable energy sources and technology under an advanced control system called Dynamic Output Manager of Energy (DOME).

Dispatchable Small-Scale Solar Thermal Electricity. The project aims at developing an innovative Thermal Energy Storage system which is optimised for CSP plants in the scale of 1-5 MWe.

Solar Calcium looping integration for Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage. SOCRATCES is aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of the CSP-CaL integration by erecting a pilot-scale plant that uses cheap, abundant and non-toxic materials.

Market Uptake of Solar Thermal Electricity through Cooperation. MUSTEC aims to explore and propose concrete solutions to overcome the various factors that hinder the deployment of concentrated solar power (CSP) projects.

The Future of Small Scale CSP Plants. The main objectiveis to improve the flexibility and the performance of small-scale Concentrated Solar Power plants.

Solving Water Issues for CSP Plants. The project proposes to demonstrate the efficiency of innovations on solar field cleaning, power-block cooling, water recycling system, and plant operation strategy.