On the 1st September 2020, SHIP2FAIR’s partners, Industrial Solar, presented the project at EuroSun 2020. EuroSun 2020 offers a platform to discuss the latest developments with leading solar energy experts as well as policy makers and industry representatives. The programme includes distinguished keynote speakers in plenary sessions, specialists meetings in breakout sessions and poster exhibitions as well as social events where you will have the opportunity to network, meet old friends and to make new ones. Industrial Solar presentation included:

  • A poster on ‘Latent Storage Based on Phase Change Materials for Solar Heat Integration In Industrial Processes’. Available here.
  • And the publication of the scientific paper ‘Integrated Platform for Rooftop Installations of Fresnel Collectors for Solar Process Heat Generation’, which will be included at the ISES Conference Proceedings Database. The paper is available here.

Further information about the event is available here.