Date : 16 Octobre 2018
Location : Vaulx-En-Velin, France
Audience: 150 participants

On the 16th of October the États Généraux de la Chaleur Solairewas held. The premier annual conference bringing together the entire French solar thermal ecosystem. Mr. Guglielmo Cioni, from TVP Solar, successfully presented SHIP2FAIR, boosting visibility of this market-disrupting project, opening new possibilities for players typically driving residential & tertiary building sanitary hot water applications.

Mr. Cioni’s presentation drew verbal support from various French institutions, such as SOCOL. They are now interested and willing to push the showcase and help develop future deployments in the French industrial world.

The SHIP2FAIR brochure was distributed to more than 100 people, and has generated at least 4 qualified leads for solar industrial process heat deployments, including: GRDF, Conseil Régional Rhônes-Alpes Auvergne, Territoire Energie and cd2e.