SHIP2FAIR is inviting interested plants or industrial sites, from the Agro-food sector or other sectors, to develop one of the 10 feasibility studies with focus on one of the tools that the project is creating: the Replication Tool.

The Replication Tool is a software to support the concept design of SHIP projects (projects integrating solar heat in industrial processes) and the development of techno-economic feasibility studies.

Industries taking part in one of the feasibility studies will receive advice about best design practices to make the installation of the solar thermal technology viable in their plant. The viability study is based on three levels: technical; economic; and a third level based on how to make use of solar heat to optimize the plant processes. Koning Metal, FECOAM, PATURPAT, AVICASA will take part in one of the studies.

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The SHIP2FAIR project involves fifteen institutions working to minimize the dependence from fossil fuels in most representative processes of the agro-food industry. On the 3rd April 2019, the consortium gathered in Graz, Austria to celebrate the annual General Assembly.

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