The earthworks on the site (“terrassement du terrain”) were completed in October 2021. It allowed the panels to be installed in several stages from the beginning of 2022 (until approximately the end of March/beginning of April): installation of a concrete base, installation of the metal structures, installation of the panels and then connection of the panels.

Larnaudie has continued to monitor an ongoing administrative procedure with the prefecture (“porter à connaissance“) and was recently asked to provide additional information. This procedure is still pending and Larnaudie is awaiting validation of the file.

Meetings and analyses have taken place with TVP Solar and other technical partners (engineers, IT) in order to evaluate the areas of improvement to optimize the performance of the solar field. The benefits of the installation are very important considering the current energetic costs, which have doubled, for now. Indeed, Larnaudie expects a very high saving on butane (at least €200.000), knowing that one year ago, the price of butane was €500 per ton and nowadays it is €1100; and that consumes between 600 and 700 tons per year.