SHIP2FAIR’s Input to Solar Energy Strategy Public consultation

As part of the European Commission’s public consultation on the EU solar energy strategy, SHIP2FAIR recently submitted a policy paper focused on the promotion of solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP). The EU solar energy strategy, which will take the form of a Commission communication, is aimed at ensuring that solar energy achieves its full potential in helping to meet the European Green Deal’s climate and energy targets. The public consultation specifically requested feedback related to:

  • The barriers to solar energy use
  • Proposed measures to accelerate solar energy roll-out
  • Increasing the competitiveness and resilience of EU solar energy systems

SHIP2FAIR’s policy submission was focused on these topics, presenting recommendations to policymakers to facilitate SHIP’s expansion as well as present SHIP technology’s current status and the desired future of SHIP development.

  • A mandate in each Member State for industrial companies to generate 10% of their process heat needs from solar thermal by 2030 in line with Solar Heat Europe’s position
  • New funding sources, particularly CAPEX subsidies for SHIP
  • Innovative business models, including third-party ownership and -financing of systems
  • Promoting standards, guidelines and tools for SHIP certification (i.e. SHIP2FAIR’s replication tool)
  • Promoting digitalization in SHIP in order to optimize the energy production and its integration in the process (i.e. SHIP2FAIR’s control tool)

The policy paper further illustrated SHIP’s advantages and enormous potential for growth, noting that the aforementioned support policies would be essential to reinforce the adoption of energy efficiency measures in industrial enterprises and allow for a greater deployment of SHIP across Europe.

You can read SHIP2FAIR’s input to the solar energy strategy consultation here.
The policy brochure is also available here.

Thank you all SHIP2FAIR partners for their feedback and input to the policy paper.