The report “D7.1 Demo-sites campaign activities” summarizes the activities developed in demonstration activities including start-up of the demo phase and monitoring. It covers the reporting period from M31 (October 2020) to M63 (June 2023) summarizing the main activities involving the phases of the project from systems commissioning to fine tuning. More specifically in this document are described all the stages that brought the different installations to the complete integration into existing demo-site processes. How they are controlled, also from the safety point of view, and some improvements that have been made to increase the energy efficiency of the solar fields.

The following three demo-sites are covered by the report:

  • RODA, Spain (wine production): Demonstration campaign of vacuum tube solar thermal technology for process heating & cooling.
  • Martini & Rossi (M&R), Italy (spirits distillation): Demonstration campaign of High Vacuum Flat Panel (HVFP) solar thermal technology for space heating (winter period) and process steam
    (summer period).
  • Larnaudie, France (processing of duck meat): Demonstration campaign of HVFP technology for
    boiler pre-heating and process heat.

The report is organized to drive the reader across the three installations.

You can download the report here.