The present deliverable analyses the most promising use cases for application of solar thermal technologies based on the extension of the preliminary identifications already developed during the proposal. The use cases have been assessed in terms of technical feasibility, attractiveness of the related business model considering economic profitability, replication and market potential and environmental benefits.

Use cases have covered generic sub-processes requiring heat that can be provided by solar technologies and have considered also representative conditions such as availability of space and irradiation.

For each industrial sector, a four-step analysis is carried out with the aim of preliminary evaluating the impacts of the potential application of solar heating technologies within industrial processes. In detail, a data collection is performed in order to get an overview of the general features and technologies of each sector. Following, a technical assessment evaluates the feasibility of the application of the solar heat technology to the specific processes identified, while a replication and market potential assessment considers aspects related to economic profitability and replication opportunities. Also the environmental performance is considered in terms of GHG emissions reduction.

The outcomes of the analysis are shown by assigning a score from 1 to 5 to four identified criteria, covering the aspects described above. The final results are plotted in a radar chart. The assessment focused on the four industrial sectors subject of SHIP2FAIR demonstrators, i.e. spirits distillation industry, ham drying sector, sugar industry, wine fermentation sector.

You can download the deliverable (updated version, November 2019) here