The Data Management Plan is ione of the deliverales of Work Package 1 of the project, dedicated to Management and Coordination.

This first version of the SHIP2FAIR Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the procedures used in the project for the handling of data during and after the end of the project, discusses what kind of data will be collected, processed, and synthesized, which methodology and standards will be applied during data collection and handling, elaborates procedures for sharing and open access to the SHIP2FAIR data and for curation and preservation of the data. Furthermore, procedures in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are defined and how SHIP2FAIR ensures the protection of the involved companies’ data, information and privacy rights.


As part of Horizon 2020, the SHIP2FAIR project participates in a pilot action on open research data. The aim is to provide indications as to what kind of data the project will collect, how the data will be preserved and which sharing policies will be adopted towards making these data readily available to the research community. The project’s efforts in the area of open research data are outlined giving particular attention to the following issues:

  • The types of open and non-open data that will be generated or collected by the consortium, via experimental campaigns and research, during the project’s lifespan;
  • The technologies and infrastructures that will be used to securely preserve the data long-term;
  • The standards used to encode the data;
  • The data exploitation plans;
  • The sharing/access policies applied to each data-set. The plan can be considered as a checklist for the future and as a reference for the resource and budget allocations related to data management. The content of this document builds upon the input of the project partners. A short questionnaire, outlining the DMP’s objectives and stating the required information in a structured manner, has been edited by CIRCE and will be disseminated to the partners. The compiled answers will be integrated into a coherent plan. The present DMP will evolve as the project progresses in accord with the project’s efforts in this area. At any time, the DMP will reflect the current state of the consortium’s agreements regarding data management, exploitation and protection of rights and results. The considered storage facilities are outlined and tutorials are provided for their use.

You can download the full deliverable here