The different modules from which the Control Tool can be ‘plugged together’ has been finalised. Based on these modules (Module A- D, see here),  a specific Control Tool tailored to the needs of the demo plants can be created. This specific Control Tool gets then tested in simulation studies in order to better evaluate its benefits, ensuring the correct functioning and to support a quick implementation of the tool afterwards at the real plant.

These simulation studies have been for example carried out for the demo plant Bodegas RODA, which is the first plant where the Control Tool should be implemented. Exemplarily results of these simulation studies are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 , showing the simulation setup and the resulting ‘loading stage’ of one of the heat storages, which should be optimized in order to maximize solar share. Insights from the implementation of the Control Tool at plant level should be showed in the next Ship2Fair newsletter.

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Figure 1: Schematic simulation setup of demo plant Bodegas RODA

Figure 2: Optimized loading state of the heat storage (simulated)