CONTROL TOOL / First Version of the Control Tool front-end online

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CONTROL TOOL / First Version of the Control Tool front-end online

The work continues to test the specific Control Tool tailored to the needs of the demo plants in simulation studies and following a stepwise implementation on site. Besides, a first Version of the front-end of the Control Tool has gone online, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Frist version of the Control Tool front-end as gone online

This front-end allows plant operators to log-in and inspect the current status of their plants in a user-friendly way, by an online accessible GUI which runs in the Browser. The current version implemented allows to choose the plant to be investigated (currently solar or process plant), select a start and end date and select a certain measurement which is then shown online in the tool. The functionality is now being continuously extended so that the front-end can:

  • Provide forecasts of the expected solar energy yield of the solar thermal plant (Control Tool module D) as a useful information to the operator, allowing to integrate the solar thermal plant more efficiently in its System.
  • Give deeper insights regarding the current operation of the system based on distributed learning features, considering pattern recognition, fault detection and predictive maintenance aspects in order to allow a deeper understanding of the system.
  • Make suggestions for the optimal operation of the system (Control Tool Module C) depending on the possibilities of the installation, to better exploit the solar yield.

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