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PreMa is organising a workshop to discuss current trends, opportunities and challenges to be addressed when integrating solar power into industry processes. The current energy crisis in Europe calls now more than ever for a substantial transformation of the global energy system to one with a prevailing share of renewable technologies, capable to overcome the fluctuations and intermittences of regenerative energy sources. In this regard, emerging solutions like the use of particle technology in CSP processes can further improve the grid balancing, increase the flexibility of the energy systems, avoid curtailment of renewable power systems by using excess power to charge the low-cost particle thermal storage (P2H2P) and deliver process heat in a CHP (combined heat and power) application for increased cost competitiveness and operational flexibility. CSP has a unique capability to provide flexible and demand-orientated power generation or process heat supply through the integration of thermal storage with a day into night load-shifting possibility.

Embedded in the EU project PreMa, the international project team will share its findings and together with a selected audience in the field of energy, engineering and science, will elaborate on how to develop technology further, identify new potential end users and perils yet to overcome. The event will be a great opportunity to reconnect and build new networks. It will provide an insight into the CSP world and the research performed at DLR together with partners in the PreMa-Project.