SHIP2FAIR demo-sites in Martini & Rossi, Açucar RAR and Larnaudie are in different phases of engineering, one step right before construction and installation of our proposed solar thermal technologies to improve the efficiency of their plants processes.

Martini&Rossi demo is developing in a highly innovative and ground breaking application. Thanks to the high level of competence of M&R technical department and the cooperation of TVP engineers, SHIP2FAIR will enable the first full scale demonstration of a solar field dedicated to dual use, during the summer TVP high vacuum flat plates will be pushed to 175C to produce LP steam, which is unprecedented for non concentrating collectors in low irradiance area; while during winter, lower and diffuse irradiation will be converted by the same solar field into usable heat at 75C. This will enable an increase of about 30% in energy production over the year.

Larnaudie’s demo, will be located in a meat processing factory in the south-west of France, a location with mid low irradiance, and again high component of diffuse light. In this case SHIP2FAIR will also use TVP Solar HVFPs in a quite innovative “cascade” application: preheating the boiler feedwater from 105 to 140C, followed by a secondary use, which consists in maintaining a 40m3 hot water storage (hydrogas) at 60C. his optimized configuration maximizes the efficiency of the solar field, reducing gas costs and allowing the solar field to actively provide energy also with low irradiance in winter.

A test solar field, with 40 m2 of TVP’s HVFP was installed in CEA’s Campus in Cadarache (south of France) for training and dissemination purpose.

Açucar RAR

RAR Açúcar is a company dedicated to the refining and selling of sugar. It was established in Oporto in 1962 following the merger of nine small sugar refinery units from the northern region of Portugal. The concentration of activities into one single production unit, together with ongoing investments in technology, has allowed the company to increase its production capacity and efficiency.

Currently, RAR plant uses fuel oil and natural gas as fuel both for the cogeneration of power and heat in a counter-pressure turbine and to produce steam in dedicated boilers. The RAR SHIP project includes the installation of linear Fresnel with vacuum receiver technology to produce the direct steam system needed to improve RAR’s efficiency through a solar thermal solution.

SHIP2FAIR is working now in the best engineering design for RAR’s plant. Afterwards, the purchasing, shipping and installation of the engineering masterpiece will follow the current phase.

Read more about the industrial process and current control and the SHIP project to be implemented at RAR here.