SHIP2FAIR’s partners met Charles-André Lemarie, Project Officer at INEA – Innovation and Networks Executive Agencyto discuss the results of the project since its launch in April 2018 and next steps.

The first phase of the project / 2018-2019 

During this first period, SHIP2FAIR consortium focused on the development of the main tools of the project: the Replication and the Control tools. The Replication tool is a software or application which is being created to be eassily accessible by the user, such as industrial plants’ owners. This tool aims at supporting the concept design of the integration of solar heat in the industrial processes of existing industries in order to replace the use of fossil fuels by a renewable-energy-solution. This will help industries to become more energy and economically efficient. In this line, our second under development tool, the Control tool, is an Information and Communications Technology, which is being designed as a user-friendly cloud-based-solution to optimise the management of heating process in industries.

These innovative tools will be tested and improved in four demonstation sites which are being built in four industries, under the supervision of the the project coordinator, CIRCE. The four industries are: Bodegas RODA (wine ellaboration), RAR Açúcar (sugar production), Martini (sparkling wines and liquors production) and Larnaudie (foi gras production), our latest addition to the SHIP2FAIR’s consortium in replacement of ABC Loste Tradi-France. We are collecting more information on the lastest demo-site to be shared on the website beginning 2020.

Finally, the integration of solar heat within the industrial processes of these industries is being possible thanks to the anlysis of their needs and the installation of the most adequate solar thermal technology case per case. In this sense, TVP Solar, Industrial Solar and Solid provide the technologies and their know-how on the application of such technologies depending on the characteristics of each demo-stie:

  • Bodegas RODA is the first industry in which the first-demosite is running. It inlcudes a small solar field of vacuum/ evacuated tubes, which was showcased during an indutry-oriented workshop on the 18th September 2019. Exceptionally, the installation was done by InconefRead more.
  • RAR Açúcar: the pre-engineering phase has been done and in 2020, the installation of modules of fresnel collectors will take place.
  • Martini: the pre-engineering phase of the folar field has been done and in 2020, it will take place the installation of the linear Fresnel with vacuum receiver.
  • Larnaudie: the pre-engineering has been done as well as the indentification of the implementation point. This demo-site will be also be equipped with solar thermal storage.

The next period of the project will be key to finalise the implementation of the four demo-sites, te testing and fine-tuning of the replication and control tools, and the development of pre-feasibility studies in other 10 industries of the agro-food sector.

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