On Tuesday 21st April 2020, SHIP2FAIR’s consortium met online to celebrate the project’s 3rd General Assembly. This online version of our regular General Assemblies -via Teams– counted on the participation of 30 members among the project staff.

Meeting highlights

  • COVID-19 is being a challenge but is not interrupting the project.
  • Replication Tool: the team behind one of the flagships web-based applications of the project has developed a pre-prototype feel and touch layout for users.
  • Control Tool: now users can see some of the features and the communication flow chart that our second flagship web-based application will offer as control service to industrial plants. Simulations are taking place in the demo-site of Bodegas RODA.
  • Demonstration sites: SHIP2FAIR demo-sites in Martini & Rossi, Açucar RAR and Larnaudie are in different phases of engineering, one step right before construction and installation of our proposed solar thermal technologies to improve the efficiency of their plants processes.
  • Innovative business lines: our expert team on business shared their latest findings on industrial energy consumption and opportunities to integrate the project developments

Upcoming meetings

  • Review meeting with the European Commission in December 2020

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See you next time, Genoa!

Genoa was the original location for this meeting, and the home of our partners from RINA consulting. SHIP2FAIR team look forward to meeting you all in Genoa and many other places. This is just a break not a break-up.