In November, SHIP2FAIR partners, Bodegas RODA, presented the project at the workshop ‘Solar Thermal Use Opportunities for Industries’, organised by the Spanish Association of Solar Thermal Indutry (ASIT) and  the Energy Institute of Catalonia (ICAEN).

El uso de calor solar para procesos industriales es una realidad creciente. Estos sistemas solares térmicos muestran un gran potencial y son adecuados para generar calor hasta 150 ° C, con buenos retornos de la inversión.

The use of solar thermal heat in industrial processes is a growing reality. This solar thernal systems show a great potential and they are adequate to generate heat up to 150 ° C, with good returns on investment.

The objective of the workshop was to disseminate about the different solar thermal technologies available for industries an their viability.

RODA’s presentation in Spanish is available here.

You can read about further details about the programme of the event here.