On the 1st December 2020, SHIP2FAIR partners, CEA gave a presentation at the workshop ‘Solar thermal in industrial processes’, organised by the National Institue of Solar Thermal Energy of France (INES) and CEA.

The workshop gathered 8 expersts on applications of solar thermal energy and representatives from 3 projects to talk about their experience on the application of this technology in insutrial processes.

Every year, the French industrial sector consumes around 40 millions of tons of oil equivalent (TOE). 75% of this energy is in the form of heat, mostly coming from expensive carbon-based fuels.

Solar thermal energy is source of heating and cooling, it is a booming solution to reduce the environmental and economic invoice of industries.

Our colleagues from CEA, Christophe Dumas and Nathalie Dupassieux, presented the ‘Integration of solar thermal in industrial processes: lessons learnt from experiences on the installation of SHIP2FAIR demo-sites and prospects for the highest temperatures.

CEA’s presentation in French is available here

Details of the programme are available here.