On the 20th February 2019, SHIP2FAIR project coordinator, CIRCE, attended the seminar ‘Cooperative projects towards the energy transition and sustainability’ in Madrid, Spain. SHIP2FAIR partner, Spanish Cooperatives, organised this event in the framework of the project SCOoPE, with focus on boosting the investment in energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Yolanda Lara, from CIRCE, presented SHIP2FAIR and invited interested participants working in industrial plants to contact us to participate in the viability studies taking place by the end of the project in 2022. SHIP2FAIR plans to develop 10 more viability studies apart of the engineering and commissioning of the demo-sites in four industrial sites.

You can download the presentation here (Spanish version)


A panel of experts analized the potential opportunities for organisations working in the agro-food sector and the viability of integration of solar thermal energy in industrial processes of the agro-food field. During the second part of the seminar, participants and experts discussed about new business lines and cooperative models for a more sustainable future.