In the framework of the project ARIMPE, SHIP2FAIR’s coordinator, CIRCE, attended the training day organised on the 21 February at the premises of EVENA – Viticulture and Enology Station of Navarra, Spain. CIRCE presented SHIP2FAIR’s latest results regarding the integration of solar heat in different processes of Bodegas RODA (SHIP2FAIR’s first demo-site) to improve the efficiency of the winery.

The presentation on “Solar thermal energy in industrial processes. Application to RODA winery” in Spanish is available here

ARIMPE project aims at studying how to reduce the consumption of water, energy and chemical products in the cleaning processes of wineries. Thanks to the participation of Agri-food Cooperatives Spain in both projects, SHIP2FAIR’s project coordinators took this opportunity to participate as speakers during the first of the two training days hosted by EVENA.